Application Testing Services

Application Testing Services
Protect Investment Using SpadeWorx’s SharePoint Testing Experts
Modern developers are finding it easier to use Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platforms like Microsoft SharePoint to build portals and websites with multiple sub-sites and their sub-sites.
The reason is simple: SharePoint provides list of rich features, functionalities and configuration options. Developed sites can run across small, medium or large server farms. Sites can handle heterogeneous data or content types. Integration with one or multiple enterprise applications or third party applications. SharePoint has the ability to create management dashboards.
That being said, if the intranet/internet applications are not tested thoroughly, especially when a tester does not understand the underlying technologies/functions, then the investments made in these applications become more of a dead investment.
Key Challenges
  • Usability – To test applications from an end-user’s perspective
  • Functionality – How it interplays with different features provided by SharePoint
ECM platform features add a level of complexity when it comes to testing the applications built on top of ECM. Testing such applications may involve many activities like:
  • Infrastructure validation
  • Installation verification
  • Web parts testing
  • Performance testing and so on
The SpadeWorx Expertise of All Things SharePoint
When it comes to testing the applications built using SharePoint, knowing which SharePoint features and functionalities are used while building the applications gives our testers an edge over regular testing teams. Testing teams with no or limited background of SharePoint may just land up testing applications from a UI layer, where as SpadeWorx SharePoint testing teams are capable of testing the application at various platform layers.