SpadeWorx is backed by Valuable Group and Icon capital
Valuable Group :
Valuable group is a blend of 3 companies. It operates companies in three verticals –media and entertainment, technology and infrastructure. Valuable group has made a pioneering business with a technology based innovations and has added to its success formula.
Blend of innovative models with never ending satellite technology has uprooted new markets which has created new business models. Their vision is to “Deliver Audiences and Mission is “To create Platform based delivery business”
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iConCapital :
Icon Capital Partners Ltd. (ICPL) is a global strategic private equity investment firm designated out of Dubai (UAE) conceptualized towards investments in upcoming technologies, products, solutions & services. Icon Capital invests in small and medium sized organizations that are built upon strong fundamentals and have the steam to transit to the next levels. The team has extensive experience in strategic investments, governance, turnaround and multi-industry knowledge to run and grow organizations. The team helps our portfolio companies in streamlining the vision, overall strategy, operational knowhow, financial structuring and helping them in improving profits through driving revenue growth and cost control mechanisms.
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