Smart Label

Smart Label
Smart Label
“Smart Label is an internet enabled digital price tag or electronic shelf label (ESL). Smart Label fits beautifully on retail shelves. Two primary objectives it achieves on shelve are, it enhances the aesthetics of the shop and second, it allows to synchronize the online price of the product with the price of the shelf.
The Smart Label, bright and multicolor helps bring out creativity of price tag creation, offer creation, discount positioning, usage instruction etc. Smart Label comes in 4”, 7” and 10” sizes and is available in TFT and LCD screens. Some of the important usage of Smart Label are:
    1.Keep prices of commodities in retail outlet in synch with the internet prices
    2.Present prices in attractive fashion
    3.Provide product information to the consumer
    4.Provide offers and discounts on the products e.g. 10% off, Buy 1 get 1 Free, etc.
    5.Place 10” larger displays next to a valuable item and provide its well-deserved importance in the shop
    6.Supports QR Code and Bar code
Smart Label can be changed remotely using SpadeWorx centralize control. This gives a much needed flexibility to brands and retail shop owners to influence their buyers remotely. The plug-and-play device provides with a hassle free installation. As our other products, Smart Label has been trusted by large FMCG customers.
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